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The book Rousay Roots, covering the histories of most of the old families in the parish of Rousay in Orkney,  is now out of print but all its contents are published on this website and may be searched through the search facility above.  Alternatively you may search through the book contents page by page starting at the first page No A001 on the table below.  There are 51 webpages and each one carries up to 50 entries.

When the search results appear, go to the table below and click on the page number of the result that looks the most promising.  On the page that then appears scroll down till you reach the desired entry.

Once you have discovered which page gives you a convenient starting point for your search you may wish to go directly to that page by clicking on its number below.

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Table of Family History Page Numbers
A001 A533 B039 B473 B910 F053
A049 A587 B076 B518 B954


A107 A647 B121  B563 C001 F135
A161 A705 B165 B608 C041 F176
A220 A759 B210 B653 C081 F217
A271 A796 B255 B691 D018 F265
A324 A850 B299 B736 D063 ==
A387 A914 B343 B780 F001 ==
A440 A950 B384 B825 ==
A492 B001 B429 B870 ==