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Mary Jane Grieve  F. William Grieve
b. 20.9.1857 on Voyage to Australia on the clipper John Bunyan 

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 30.5.1934 (age 76) in Ashford, NSW, Australia
m. Daniel Sutherland (1852-1946)


James Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 27.12.1861 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 23.10.1927 (age 65) in Sydney, NSW, Australia
Painting of James Grieve's property at Woolbrook near Walcha

m. Margaret Jane Mcintyre (1860-1943)


Jane Fanny Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 24.12.1864 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 15.4.1938 (age 73) in Walcha, NSW, Australia

m. Henry Charles Bath (1864-1930) in 1885

Issue 11 children


John (Jack) Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 21.11.1866 in Armidale, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 9.6.1941 (age 74) in Walcha, NSW, Australia

m. Mary Gibson Scott in 1902 in Tamworth, NSW, Australia

    b. 1876 in Tamworth, NSW, Australia
    d. 1912 (age 36) in Bundarra, NSW, Australia
Issue John S Grieve b. 1903 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Gladys A Grieve b. 1904 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Jean A Grieve b. 1906 Manilla, NSW, Australia
Kenneth W Grieve b. 1907 Tamworth, NSW, Australia
Alice May Grieve b. 1909 Gunnedah, NSW, Australia
Irene E Grieve b. 1911 Bundarra, NSW, Australia


Helen (Ellen) Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 9.10.1867 in Wellingrove, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 13.7.1942 (age 74) in Walcha, NSW, Australia

m. Isaac John (Jack) White (1867-1927)

Issue 10 children


Anne Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 28.8.1868 in Armidale, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 17.9.1936 (age 68) in Sydney, NSW, Australia

m. Charles Holtham Hudson (1866-1948)


Alick Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 1872 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 14.1.1951 (age 79) in Bingara, NSW, Australia

m. Bertha Caroline Gillies on 26.2.1902 in Walcha, NSW, Australia       Sister of Olive Beatrice Gillies below.  See

     b. 1879 in Walcha, NSW, Australia
     d. 1954 (age 75) in NSW, Australia


Issue Russell Alexander Grieve b. 25.8.1903 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Arthur William Grieve b. 3.10.1904 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Harold Duncan Grieve b. 16.4.1907 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Norman Grieve b. 16.2.1909 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Walter James Grieve b. 29.2.1912 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Alice Ann Grieve b. 29.4.1913 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Mervyn Henry Grieve b. 3.2.1916 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Myrtle Jane Grieve b. 19.7.1920 Walcha, NSW, Australia


Betsy Ann Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 11.4.1874 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 2.10.1943 (age 69) in Gravesend, NSW, Australia

m. John Thomas Frazer (1873-1939)


Alice Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 14.6.1877 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett

d. 23.11.1951 (age 74) in Redfern, NSW, Australia

m. James Macdonald (1868-1949)


Alick Grieve F. Malcolm Grieve

b. 1893 in NSW, Australia

M. Emma Jobson

d. 1961 (age 68) in NSW, Australia

m. Olive Beatrice Gillies on 25.12.1917 in Walcha, NSW, Australia    Sister of Bertha Caroline Gillies above.    See

     b. 1892 in Walcha, NSW, Australia
     d. 27.2.1986 (age 93) in Murrurundi, NSW, Australia


Issue Argyle Alick Grieve b. 1919 Australia
d. 1982 (age 63) Australia
Edna Olive Grieve b. 1922 Australia
Edith Alice Grieve b. 1925 Australia
Thelma Sylvia Grieve b. 1927 Australia
George Duncan Grieve b. 1930 Australia
June Dawn Grieve b. 1933 Australia


William Flett F.  NK

b. 1797 in Harray


d. 1875 (age 77) in Harray
Landed Proprietor & Farmer

m. Betsy Harvey on 5.1.1821 in Harray

     b. 1794 in Stenness
     d. 27.11.1876 (age 82) in Harray 
     P: William Harvey & Margaret Murray


Issue Betsy Flett b. 19.19.1821 Harray
Mary Flett b. 9,12,1826 Harray
William Flett b. 24.8.1828 Stromness
d. 22.12.1897 (age 69) Harray
m. Betsy Isbister in 1857 in Harray
James Ferguson Flett b. 15.4.1830 Stromness
Margaret Flett b. 16.1.1832 Stromness
Jane (Jean) Flett b. 3.6.1833 Stromness
Marjory Scathaway Flett b. 2.2.1836 Stromness
d. 2.2.1911 (age 75) Milton, Glasgow
m. David Thorburn on 11.6.1869 in High Church, Glasgow
Helen Flett b. 15.12.1839 Stromness


James Ferguson Flett F.  William Flett

b. 5.4.1830 in Stromness

M. Betsy Harvey

d. 2.7.1900 (age 70) in Kirkwall

m. Mary Anne Copland on 6.8.1861 in Kirkwall

     b. 1794 in Stenness
     d. 27.11.1876 (age 82) in Harray 
     P: Peter Copland & Helen Smith


Issue Helen Flett b. 13.6.1863 Kirkwall
d. 15.10.1944 (age 81) Winnipeg, MB, Canada
m. James P Thomson
Elizabeth Flett b. 1865 Kirkwall
d. 11.4.1875 (age 9) Kirkwall
Mary Ann Flett b. 17.10.1867 Kirkwall
d. 12.11.1838 (age 31) Kirkwall
John Smith Flett b.12.6.1869 Kirkwall
William Forsyth Flett b. 2.6.1871 Kirkwall
d. 30.5.1875 (age 5) Kirkwall
David Flett b. 26.8.1872 Kirkwall
d. 13.12.1883 (age 11) Kirkwall
Peter Copland Flett b. 15.10.1877 Kirkwall
James William Flett b. 15.12.1882 Kirkwall
d. 15.10.1883 (age 0) Kirkwall


Jane (Jean) Flett F.  William Flett

b. 3.6.1833 in Stromness

M. Betsy Harvey

d. 28.11.1912 (age 79) in Walcha, NSW, Australia

m. William Grieve on 11.11.1856 in Kirkwall


Issue See entry for William Grieve


Sir John Smith Flett KBE, FRS F.  James Ferguson Flett

b. 26.6.1869 in Kirkwall

M. Mary Anne Copland

d. 26.1.1947 (age 77) in Saffron Walden, Essex
Geologist - Director of His Majesty's Geological Survey

m. Mary Jane (Polly) Meason on 23.12.1895 in Glasgow

     b. 5.6.1871 in Indiana, USA
     d. 23.2.1950 (age 78) in London


Issue Winifred Mary Flett b. 16.2.1901 Edinburgh
d. 21.12.1903 (age 2)
Harald Flett b. 5.2.1906  Epsom, Surrey
Martin Teall Flett b. 30.7.1911 Epsom, Surrey

 Sir John Smith Flett Photograph and Obituary


Harald Flett F.  Sir John Smith Flett

b. 5.6.1906 in Epsom, Surrey

M. Mary Jane (Polly) Meason

d. 15.3.1981 (age 75) in Malvern, Victoria, Australia

m. Aroha Vivienne Isabelle Malvene Lorigan on 23.11.1935 in Sydney, NSW, Australia

     b. 1911 in NZ
     P: Vincent William Lorigan & Malvene _____

Issue Scarth Lorigan Flett (F)  b. 17.9.1942 Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Rhana Flett (F) b. c1950 Victoria, Australia


Sir Martin Teall Flett KCB F.  Sir John Smith Flett

b. 30.7.1911 in Epsom, Surrey

M. Mary Jane (Polly) Meason

d. 25.2. 1982 (age 70) in Kensington, London 
Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Air Ministry

m. Mary Jane Martin in 1936 in Chelsea, London

     d. 17.5.2005
     F: Sir Alec Martin


Issue Magnus Flett
Andrew Flett
Mary-Ann Flett
Sir Martin Flett Photograph and Obituary


Peter Copland Flett F.  James Ferguson Flett

b. 15.10.1877 in Kirkwall

M. Mary Anne Copland

d. 26.1.1960 (age 82) in Kirkwall
Ironmonger, Lemonade Maker and Jam Maker in Kirkwall

In later years he served as Provost of St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall during WW2 and was awarded an OBE for his services.


John Sinclair F.  NK

b. 1764 in Westray


m. Marion Donaldson


Issue Robert Sinclair b. 13.3.1789 Westray
Margaret Sinclair b. 10.2.1791 Westray
Thomas Sinclair b. 1793 Westray
John Sinclair b. 1797 Westray
Christian Catherine Sinclair b. 8.3.1801 Westray
d. 26.1.1886 (age 84) Westray
Ann Sinclair b. 8.4.1806 Westray
William Sinclair b. 6.5.1809 Westray


Thomas Rousay F.  NK

b. c1793 in Westray


d. Bet. 1851 & 1855 in Westray 

m. Margaret Sinclair on 11.5.1821 in Westray


Issue John Rousay b. 22.4.1822 Westray
Robert Sinclair Rousay b. 16.10.1823 Westray
d. Bef 1825 Westray
Robert Rousay b. 30.1.1825 Westray
Ann Rousay b. 1.9.1826 Westray
James Stewart Rousay b. 19.6.1831 Westray
Margaret Rousay b. 17.2.1833 Westray
Alexander Rousay b. 1.5.1836 Westray
d. 1910 (age 74) Westray


Margaret Sinclair F.  John Sinclair

b. 17.2.1791 in Westray

M. Marion Donaldson

d. 30.1.1866 (age 74) in Westray

m. Thomas Rousay on 11.5.1821 in Westray


Issue See Entry for Thomas Rousay


George Stout F.  Thomas Stout

b. 6.4.1796 in Fair Isle, Shetland

M. Grizel Smith

d. 17.1.1875 (age 78) in Westray
m. 1) Helen Wilson c1820 in Fair Isle, Shetland
         b. c1799 in Fair Isle, Shetland
         d. c1835 (age 36)
Issue Williamina Stout b. 22.8.1821 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 27.1.1909 (age 87) Westray
Margaret Stout b. 6.12.1823 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 9.6.1857 (age 33)
Laurence Stout b. 25.5.1826 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 11.9.1889 (age 63) Edinburgh
Thomas Stout b. 6.5.1827 Fair Isle, Shetland
James Stout b. 1830 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 27.11.1908 (age 78) Westray
Marjory Stout b. 1834 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 8.12.1924 (age 90) Westray
m. 2) Helen Stout in 1836 in Westray
         b. c1796 in Fair Isle, Shetland
         d. 1858 (age 62) in Westray
Issue George Stout b. 22.8.1821 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 27.1.1909 (age 87) Westray
John Lindsay Stout b. 6.12.1823 Fair Isle, Shetland
d. 9.6.1857 (age 33) Westray


Thomas Stout F.  George Stout

b. 6.5.1827 in Fair Isle, Shetland

M. Helen Wilson

d. 18.11.1898 (age 71) in Westray
m. 1) Mary Drever in Westray
Issue Barbara Stout b. 12.6.1847 Westray
d. 24.11.1925 (age 78) Westray

m. 2) Margaret Rousay on 26.11.1853 in Westray


Issue See Entry for Margaret Rousay


Margaret Rousay F.  Thomas Rousay

b. 17.2.1833 in Westray

M. Margaret Sinclair

d. 19.10.1901 (age 69) in Westray

m. Thomas Stout on 26.11.1853 in Westray


Issue William Harcus Stout b. 2.8.1854 Westray
d. 28.5.1929 (age 74) Westray
Margaret Sinclair Stout b. 29.5.1856 Westray
Helen Stout b. 1.6.1858 Westray
d. 2.12.1932 (age 74) Walls, Orkney
Ann Stout b. 4.1.1862 Westray
Alexander Rousay Stout b. 30.11.1870 Westray
d. 13.4.1936 (age 65) Unst, Shetland
James Stout b. 26.1.1876 Westray
d. 21.11.1942 (age 66) Westray


Margaret Sinclair Stout F.  Thomas Stout

b. 29.5.1856 in Westray

M. Margaret Rousay

d. 29.5.1925 (age 69) in Edinburgh

m. Alexander MacLennan on 18.8.1885 in Rousay


Issue John Mackenzie MacLennan b. 22.4.1822 Edinburgh


Robina Inkster F.  William Inkster

b. 6.4.1823 in Rousay

M. Mary Gibson

d. 20.1.1906 (age 82) in Poorhouse, Kirkwall
Robina was living with her nephew Frederick Traill Inkster in 1901.  Died in a poorhouse only a few years later - strange!

Had a son by James Higgins, Travelling Tinsmith and Watchmaker


Issue Hugh Higgins b. 19.2.1856 Rousay


Hugh Higgins F.  James Higgins

b. 19.2.1856 in Rousay

M. Robina Inkster

d. 11.5.1894 (TB, age 38) in Kirkwall

m. Harriet Yorston on 2.6.1877 in Kirkwall


Issue Hugh Inkster Higgins b. 2.8.1878 Kirkwall
d. 27.9.1912 (age 34) Edinburgh           Unmarried
James Higgins b. 10.12.1881 Kirkwall


Harriet Yorston F.  Peter Yorston

b. 15.8.1851 in Rousay

M. Lydia Turnbull

d. 12.3.1933 (age 83) in Evie

m. Hugh Higgins on 2.6.1877 in Kirkwall


Issue See entry for Hugh Higgins


William Craigie F.  Hugh Craigie

b. 27.4.1811 in Rousay

M. Sicilia Gibson

d. 1901 (age 90) in Canada
Like many of his fellow Orcadians William Craigie went to Canada, probably in the 1830s, as an indentured employee of the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC).  He abhorred the way the HBC treated the indigenous peoples and resolved to leave.  But as an indentured servant he would have been in mortal danger from the colonial authorities.  He did manage to escape and returned to Orkney via the USA.

There he married Jane Mainland and they later emigrated to Canada reaching Pictou in Nova Scotia in June 1842 after sailing on the barque Superior for 51 days from Thurso, Caithness. 

m. Jane Mainland  on 25.2.1842 in Rousay


Issue John Yorston Craigie b. 1.1.1843 Pictou, NS, Canada
Ann Craigie b. 1844 Pictou, NS, Canada
d. 24.1.1894 (age 49) Chelsea, MA, USA
Jane Craigie b. 1848 Pictou, NS, Canada
d. 15.2.1916 (age 67) Boston, MA, USA 


John Yorston Craigie F.  William Craigie

b. 1.1.1843 in Pictou, NS, Canada

M. Jane Mainland

d. 22.1.1929 (age 86) in Pictou, NS, Canada
John Yorston Craigie was named after a prominent local man in Pictou called John Yorston who had befriended his parents William Craigie and Jane Mainland.

m. Elizabeth Mary Pollock in NS, Canada


Issue William Franklin Craigie b. 1885 Pictou, NS, Canada
John Hubert Craigie b. 8.12.1887 Pictou, NS, Canada


John Hubert Craigie F.  John Yorston Craigie

b. 8.12.1887 in Pictou, NS, Canada

M. Elizabeth Mary Pollock

d. 26.2.1989 (age 101) in Ottawa, Canada
The 5th of 8 children.
Plant pathologist, known for his research into rust resistant cereals which are vital to Canada as a cereal producing nation.
He studied at various universities and received a PhD from the University of Manitoba.
He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1952.  He was also awarded several honorary degrees.

m. Miriam Louise Morash  on 4.10.1926 in Lunenburg, NS, Canada


Issue Not known


John Inkster F.  Robert Inkster

b. 24.10.1850 in Rousay

M. Janet Inkster

d. 6.4.1907 (age 56) in Edinburgh
m. Elizabeth Mason on 19.7.1889 in Glasgow
     b. 1858 in Leith, Edinburgh
     d. 1937 (age 78) in Edinburgh


Issue Janet Inkster b. 4.9.1891 Glasgow
d. 4.6.1921 (age 29) Edinburgh        
    Cerebral Embolism (blood clot)
Elizabeth Inkster b. 6.9.1893 Edinburgh
Anne Inkster b. 24.4.1895 Edinburgh
Mary Inkster b. 12.5.1897 Edinburgh


James Kirkness F.  John Kirkness

b. 3.11.1855 in Rousay

M. Mary Alexander

d. 15.12.1923 (age 68) in La Rochelle, France.   Heart failure
Ship Engineer
m.Jessie Jane Peace on 9.2.1887 in Leith, Edinburgh
     b. 1861 in Sanday
     d. 30.11.1942 (age 80) in Edinburgh


Issue Janet Omand (Netta) Kirkness b. 2.12.1887 Leith, Edinburgh
Frederick John Kirkness b. 1889 Leith, Edinburgh
James Kirkness b. 28.3.1893 Leith, Edinburgh
d. 13.9.1969 (age 76) Edinburgh
m. 1) Williamina McCulloch in 1942 in Edinburgh
m. 2) Joan Munro Banks in 1946 in Edinburgh


Janet Omand (Netta) Kirkness F.  James Kirkness

b. 2.12.1887 in Leith, Edinburgh

M. Jessie Jane Peace

m. Sydney David Dougall on 20.4.1916 in Leith, Edinburgh
     b. 1888 in Edinburgh
     d. 1945 (age 57) in Edinburgh


Issue Hamish Sydney Dougall b. 1918
d. 9.2.1965 (age 47) Edinburgh
Girl Dougall (details unknown) 


Frederick John Kirkness F.  James Kirkness

b. 1889 in Leith, Edinburgh

M. Jessie Jane Peace

d. 17,2,1927 in Durban, Natal, South Africa
m. Margaret Eleanore Leyland


Issue Jessie Elaine Kirkness b. 30.1.1926 Durban, Natal, South Africa


Thomas John Grieve F. William Grieve

b. 19.8.1896 in Walcha, NSW, Australia

M. Jane (Jean) Flett)

d. 11.12.1970 (age 74) in Walcha, NSW, Australia
Carpenter & Tank Maker
m. Maude Evelyn Saisell on 2.3.1926 in Walcha, NSW, Australia
     b. 19.5.1899 in Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia
     d. 11.12.1970 (age 71) in Walcha, NSW, Australia


Issue Gordon Lindsay Grieve b. 2.12.1926 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Enid Jean Grieve b. 30.3.1928 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Donald Innes Grieve b.28.7.1929 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Nancy Grieve b. 9.7.1931 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Maxwell John Grieve b. 12.5.1933 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Marjorie Isabel Grieve b. 19.7.1935 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Anne Lorraine Grieve b. 15.12.1937 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Helen Grieve b. 26.6.1939 Walcha, NSW, Australia
Judith Mary Grieve b. 29.3.1943 Walcha, NSW, Australia


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