Stevenson Families


All the Stevenson families in Rousay or Egilsay were descended from James Stevenson, who was born c1774, and his wife Rebekka Sinclair.  They came from Stronsay to the farm of Scockness in Rousay in 1830.  The Marwicks had been evicted from Scockness by the laird because of a dispute over kelp making.

James and Rebekkah had six children who were all born in Stronsay and all married in Rousay.  Their daughter Barbara married William Mainland of Cott Mode and three of their children emigrated to Canada where there are many descendants particularly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Robert Stevenson, the second son of James and Rebekkah, married Margaret Marwick, a daughter of the second devil of Scockness. They spent the rest of their lives at the farm of Kirbist in Egilsay. Their eldest son Robert eventually returned to Stronsay where the Stevenson line still continues.

Descendants of the Rousay Stevensons include Hugh Stevenson, John Mainland, Angus Firth, Myles Mainland, Maisie Kirkness, and Katie Bichan.



Robert Stenenson of Kirbist, Egilsay and his wife Margaret Marwick Robert Stevenson, born 1872, son of Robert and Margaret on the left. He married Margaret Robertson and farmed firstly in Egilsay and later in Stronsay

(Photo - T. Gibson) 


(Photo  -  Gordon Stevenson)


Wedding picture of Hugh Stevenson and Annie Richardson. Hugh, who emigrated to NZ,  was a son of Robert (above right).

(Photo by courtesy of Gordon Stevenson)