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David Costie                     F.  John Costie
b. c1786 in Rousay M. Christina Marwick
d. 130.5.1872 (age86) in Rousay
m. 1)  Betty Gibson on 8.11.1813 in Rousay
Issue David Costie 23.10.1816  Rousay
  Betty Costie b. 21.8.1819  Rousay
  Margaret Costie b. 6.5.1822  Rousay
  Christian Costie b. 3.1.1826  Rousay
  William Costie b. 30.10.1829  Rousay          Went to Canada
m. 2)  Christian Mowat on 10.10.1834 in Rousay
          b. c1796 in Rousay
          d. 13.5.1874 (age 78) in Rousay
          P: John Mowat, Farmer & Catherine Craigie
Issue Alexander Costie b. 14.7.1835 Rousay
Frances (Fanny) Costie b. 10.3.1840 Rousay          


Margaret Costie                    F.  David Costie
b. 30.10.1829 in Rousay M. Betty Gibson
d. 22.4.1871 (age 41) in Wentworth, ON, Canada
m. John Marwick on 29.2.1846 in Rousay
Issue See Entry for John Marwick


William Costie                   

F.  David Costie

b. 30.10.1829 in Rousay

M. Betty Gibson

d. 22.4.1871 (age 41) in Wentworh, ON, Canada

m.  Jane Robertson in Canada

      b. in Forgan, Fife, Scotland

      d. 27.11.1924 in Hamilton, ON, Canada



Elsie Costie

b. 15.4.1859

Wentworth, ON, Canada

William Costie

b. 1863

ON, Canada

Hugh Costie

b. 1865

ON, Canada

Alexander Costie

b. 15.1.1867

ON, Canada

James Costie

b. 14.3.1870

ON, Canada

d. 6.4.1957 (age 87)

Seattle, WA, USA


Elsie Costie                    F.  William Costie
b. 15.4.1859 in Wentworth, ON, Canada M. Jane Robertson
d. 9.11.1932 (age 73) in Wentworth, ON, Canada
m.  James Benson in Canada
Issue Catherine Benson b. 16.11.1885 Wentworth, ON, Canada
Jane Benson b. 4.1.1887 Wentworth, ON, Canada
Marjory Benson b. 2.3.1889 Wentworth, ON, Canada
Jesse Benson b. 12.9.1891 Wentworth, ON, Canada
Jean Benson b. 4.1.1893 Wentworth, ON, Canada
Margaret Benson b. 1894 Wentworth, ON, Canada


Hugh Costie                    F.  William Costie
b. 1865 in ON, Canada M. Jane Robertson
d. 31.1.1943 (age 77) in Hamilton, ON, Canada
m.  Louisa Farrell in Canada
Issue Raymond James Costie b. 6.8.1895 Hamilton, ON, Canada
Hugh Grant Costie b. 1898 Hamilton, ON, Canada
Elsie Costie b. 1902 Hamilton, ON, Canada
William Strune Costie b. 12.2.1904 Hamilton, ON, Canada
Alexander Costie b. 19.4.1907 Hamilton, ON, Canada
Norman Anthony Costie b. 24.1.1909 Hamilton, ON, Canada
Jean Louise Costie b. 20.10.1911   (twin) Hamilton, ON, Canada
Margaret Irene Costie b. 20.10.1911   (twin) Hamilton, ON, Canada


Alexander Costie                    F.  David Costie
b. 14.7.1835 in Rousay M. Betty Gibson
d. 1891 (age 55) in Rousay
m.  Betsy Gibson on 23.11.1858 in Rousay
      b. 1834 in Rousay
      d. 1917 (age 83) in Rousay
Issue Hugh Costie b. 1859 Rousay
Alexander Costie b. 1862 Rousay
John Costie b. 1864 Rousay
William Costie b. 8.1.1866 Rousay
Betsy Costie b. 1868 Rousay
Mary Costie b. 1870 Rousay
James Costie b. 1873 Rousay
Margaret Costie b. 1877 Rousay
Robert Costie b. 1880 Rousay


Frances (Fanny) Costie                    F.  David Costie
b. 10.3.1840 in Rousay M. Betty Gibson
d. 1908 (age 67) in rousay
m.  Malcolm Grieve on 12.4.1861 in Rousay
Issue See entry for Malcolm Grieve


Ann Gibson Grieve                    F.  Malcolm Grieve
b. 14.7.1862 in Rousay M. Frances (Fanny) Costie 
d. 14.7.1881 (age 19) in Westray
m.  John Yorston Grieve in 1880 in Rousay
No Issue


Jane Craigie Grieve                    F.  Malcolm Grieve
b. 18.5.1868 in Rousay M. Frances (Fanny) Costie 
d. 22.4.1851 (age 82) in Westray
m.  John Kent in 1888 in Westray
      b. 20.9.1862 in Westray
      d. 15.10.1935 (age 73) in Westray
      P: Thomas Kent & Robina Inkster
Issue Malcolm Kent b. 1889 Westray
d. 3.12.1959 (age 71) Kirkwall
m. Elizabeth Irvine in 1921 in Shapinsay
Thomas Kent b. 1891 Westray
d. 4.5.1968 (age 77) Westray
m. Robina Wilson in 1920 in Westray
John Robert Kent b. 1893 Westray
d. 28.6.1979 (age 86) Westray
m. Caroline Brown in 1921 in Westray
Annabina Kent b. 1895 Westray
d. 1993 (age 98) Westray
m. Robert Drever in 1913 in Westray
Mary Jane Kent b. 1898 Westray
d. 13.5.1974 (age 76) Westray
m. John Stevenson in 1920 in Westray
James Kent b. 1900 Westray
d. 1987 (age 88) Westray
Winifred Kent b. 1902 Westray
d. 1976 (age 74) Westray
m. John Foulis in 1920 in Rousay
William Grieve Kent b. 1904 Westray
d. 1984 (age 80) Westray
m. Mary Manson in 1932 in Westray
Frank Kent b. 1905 Westray
d. 1990 (age 84) Stromness
Jessie Kent b. 1908 Westray
d. 19.7.1928 (age 20) Westray
Alexander Kent b. 1910 Westray
d. 1967 (age 58) Westray


John Yorston Grieve                    F.  Alexander Grieve
b. 26.1.1859 in Rousay M. Margaret Harrold
d. 30.10.1889 (age 30, TB) in Rousay
m.  Ann Gibson Grieve in 1880 in Rousay                 
No issue
Had a son with Margaret Grieve Leonard -
Issue John Grieve b. 11.3.1884 Rousay


John Grieve                    F.  John Yorston Grieve
b. 11.3.1884 in Rousay M. Margaret Grieve Leonard
d. 11.4.1960 (age 76) in Birsay
Had a daughter with Elizabeth Marwick -
Issue Maggie Jessie Grieve b. 1906 Rousay
m. Catherine (Katie) Russell in 1911 in Rousay
Issue Malcolm Leonard Grieve b. 3.7.1928 Birsay
d. 21.6.1996 (age 68) Inverness
m. Mary Elizabeth Croy in 1949 in Kirkwall


James Jaffray Craigie             F.  John Craigie
b. 28.9.1868 in Unst, Shetland M. Margaret Inkster
d. 6.4.1943 (age 74) in Unst, Shetland
m.  Mary Coffin Jamieson on 15.12.1898 in Unst, Shetland
Issue Margaret Craigie b. 5.6.1900 Unst, Shetland
d. 12.1.1988 (age 87) Lerwick, Shetland
m. Gilbert Thomson on 1.3.1923 in Unst, Shetland
James Craigie b. 10.11.1902 Unst, Shetland
d. 1902 (age 0) Unst, Shetland
Isabella Godsman Craigie b. 20.10.1903 Unst, Shetland
James John Jaffray Craigie b. 1908 Unst, Shetland


Isabella Godsman Craigie  F.  James Jaffray Craigie
b.20.10.1903 in Unst, Shetland M. Mary Coffin Jamieson
d. 9.1.1964 (age 60) in Sracathro Hospital, Angus
m.  James Grieve of Fa'doon on 6.4.1934 in Rousay
Issue See entry for James Grieve


James John Jaffray Craigie  F.  James Jaffray Craigie
b. 1908 in Unst, Shetland M. Mary Coffin Jamieson
d. 17.6.1963 (age 55) in Melbourne, VIC, Australia
m. 1) Isabella Jemima Hughson in 1931 in Unst, Shetland
        b. 11.8.1913 in Unst Shetland 
        d. 13.2.1932 (age 18) in Unst, Shetland
Issue Isabella EM Craigie b. 13.2.1932 Unst, Shetland
d. 5.2.2014 (age 81) Redruth, Cornwall
m. 2) Rebecca Kessler in 1939 in Marleybone, London
        b. 1914 in England 
Issue David Jaffray Craigie b. 1941 Edinburgh
Ian James Craigie b. 1944 Kirkcaldy, Fife


William Craigie 

F.  John Craigie

b. 27.5.1865 in Unst, Shetland

M. Margaret Inkster

d. 17.4.1926 (age 60) in Arbilot, Forfar
m.  Mary Jane Gatt on 10.11.1904 in Aberdeen
     b. 15.5. 1885 in Pennan, Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
     d. 8.5.1939 (age 53) in Carnoustie, Angus

Issue William Gordon Craigie b. 16.5.1903 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
Theodore Roosevelt Duthie Craigie b. 1907 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
d. 1907 (age 0) Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
Robert John Bell Craigie b. 1909 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
Frederick Craigie b. 1910 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
d. 20.6.1931 (age 21) Woolwich, London
Allan Douglas Craigie b. 2.1.1913 Kilmadock, Perthshire


William Gordon Craigie 

F.  William Craigie

b. 16.5.1905 in Aberdour, Aberdeenshire

M. Mary Jane Gatt

d. 1989 (age 83) in Edinburgh
m.  Margaret Mary Reid in 1933 in Inverurie

Issue Margaret Isobel Craigie b. 1935 Inverurie
m. Eric Bennett Reid in 1957 in Aberdeen . 


Allan Douglas Craigie 

F.  William Craigie

b. 2.1.1913 in Kilmadock, Perthshire

M. Mary Jane Gatt

d. 1969 (age 56) in Carnoustie, Angus
m.  Nellie Craig Forbes on 1.4.1939 in Carnoustie, Angus

Issue Alan Craigie b. 1940 Barry, Angus
d. 7.6.2011                            Johannesburg, South Africa 


Alan Craigie 

F.  Allan Douglas Craigie

b. 1940 in Barry, Angus

M. Nellie Craig Forbes

d. 7.6.2011 (age 71) in Johannesburg, South Africa
m. Gail Isabel Theesen in South Africa

Issue Tanya Michelle Craigie b. 26.6.1971 Johannesburg, South Africa
Dominique Gail Craigie b. 9.9.1973
Eve Nicole Craigie b. 20.8.1977                            South Africa 


William Corsie 

F.  NK


m. Margaret Harcus on 7.3.1799 in Rousay

Issue William Corsie b. 30.9.1799 Rousay
Mary Corsie b. 29.6.1801 Rousay
Betty Corsie b. 12.5.1803  Rousay


William Corsie                  Skaill, Westside

F.  William Corsie

b. 30.9.1799 in Rousay

M. Margaret Harcus

d. 1863 (age 63) in Kirkwall
m. Janet Louttit of Faraclett in Rousay

Issue See entry for Janet Louttit


Robert Cooper

F.  David Cooper

b. 1879 in Kirkwall

M. Williamina Tait Garrioch

d. 22.1.1942 (age 62) in Featherston, NZ
m. Margaret Clouston Spence on 13.4.1899 in Stromness
     b. 15.5.1872 in Stromness
     d. 3.7.1945 (age 73) in Auckland, NZ

Issue James Grant Gunn Cooper b. 20.8.1900 Stromness
David Alexander Cooper b. 10.10.1904 Stromness


James Grant Gunn Cooper

F.  Robert Cooper

b. 20.8.1900 in Stromness

M. Williamina Tait Garrioch

d. 20.8.1965 (age 65) in Auckland, NZ
m. Caroline Swanson on 24.9.1924 in Stromness
     b. 1905 in Walls, Orkney

Issue James Robert Cooper b. 1925 Stromness
d.  Waihi Beach, NZ
Robin Alfred Cooper b. 1948 NZ
d. 1.2.2002 (age 53) Auckland, NZ


David Alexander Cooper

F.  Robert Cooper

b. 10.10.1904 in Stromness

M. Williamina Tait Garrioch

d. 25.7.1979 (age 74) in Whanganui, NZ
m. 1) Jessie Ellen Stout in 1924 in Kirkwall
         b. 20.2.1901 in Fair Isle
         d. 12.10.1931 (age 29) in Featherston, NZ
Emigrated to NZ in 1927

Issue Mary Joyce Cooper b. 1924 Stromness
d. 5.3.1925 (age 0) Stromness
Jessie Margaret Cooper b. 1925 Stromness
d. 16.1.1926 (age 0) Stromness
Margaret Cooper b. 12.11.1927 Featherston, NZ
d. 8.4.2017 (age 89) Whanganui, NZ
m. John Lawrence Power on 13.3.1948 in Whanganui, NZ
     b. 12.11.1920
     d. 14.6.2007 (age 86) NZ
m. 2)  Beatrice Annie Chenery on 6.12.1933 in Christchurch, NZ
          b. 17.11.1909
          d. 5.5.2006 (age 96) in NZ
Issue Janice Ann Cooper b. 19.12.1950 Whanganui, NZ
d. 19.10.2013 (age 62) Whanganui, NZ


Mary Corsie

F.  William Corsie

b. 14.12.1831 in Rousay

M. Janet Louttit

d. 14.4.1866 (age 34) in Rousay
m.  Sinclair Mackay on 31.10.1854 in Rousay
      b. 17.12.1809 in Halkirk, Caithness
      d. 2.6.1886 (age 76) in Kirkwall

Issue James Sinclair Mackay b. 1856 Rousay
William Mackay b. 13.11.1858 Rousay
Mary Gardner Mackay b. 1861 Rousay
d. 1929 (age 67) Glasgow
Harriet Elizabeth Mackay b. 1863 Rousay
d. 1946 (age 83) Buckhaven, Fife
Allan Corsie Mackay b. 1865 Rousay


William Harcus

F.  NK



m. 1)  Janet Marwick on 26.12.1817 at Lingro, Rousay 

Issue Janet Marwick Harcus b. 24.3.1819 Rousay
m. 2) Isabella Harcus on 15.1.1821 in Burness, Rousay            See
Issue Mary Harcus b. 11.12.1821 Rousay
Isabella Harcus b. 27.4.1823 Rousay


Janet Marwick Harcus          

F.  William Harcus

b. 24.3.1819 in Lingro, Rousay M. Janet Marwick
d. 10.2.1883 (age 63) in Edinburgh

m.Nicol Gibson on 23.8.1853 in Edinburgh 

Issue See entry for .Nicola Gibson


Violet Bisset Drever

F.  Thomas Leslie Drever

b. 28.12.1907 in Kirkwall 

M. Mary Learmonth Gibson

d. 13.2.1959 (age 52) in Kirkwall

m.  George Harcus Logie in 1927 in Rousay 





See entry for  George Harcus Logie


Margaret Dickson         

F.   Caleb Dickson

b. 11.11.1835 in Firth           

M.  Margaret Isbister

d. 18.4.1895 (age 59) in Kirkwall


m.   James Gibson of Geo, Westness on 11.11.1858 in Rousay  


See entry for James Gibson     


Mary Learmonth Gibson

F.  James Gibson

b. 26.6.1867 in Rousay 

M. Margaret Dickson

d. 5.4.1910 (age 43) in Kirkwall

m.  Thomas Leslie Drever on 4 7 1903 in Kirkwall 




Issue Nora Drever b. 1904 Kirkwall
d. 1968 (age 64) Kirkwall
Runa Drever b. 1905 Kirkwall
d. 1968 (age 62) Holm
Violet Bisset Drever b. 28.12.1908 Kirkwall


Margaret Isbister

F.  William Isbister

b. 30.4.1810 in Firth 

M. Isabella Millar

d. 19.5.1878 (age 68) in Firth

m.  Caleb Dickson 




Issue William Dickson b. 17.8.1832 Firth
John Dickson b. 17.8.1834 Firth
Margaret Dickson b. 11.11.1835 Firth
James Dickson b. 1.11. 1837 Firth
d. 16.7.1909 (age 71) Brooklyn, NY, USA
Caleb Dickson Jr b. 28.5.1840 Firth
Robert Dickson b. 27.7.1842 Firth
d. 2.12.1915 (age 73) Firth
Thomas Dickson b. 15.9.1844 Firth
Mary Dickson b. 30.3.1847 Firth
Jessie Dickson b. 24.11.1849 Firth
Jemima Dickson b. 1853 Firth
Isabella Dickson b. 12.10.1856 Firth


Caleb Dickson

F.  James Dixon

b. 1805 in Firth 

M. Jane Wilson

d. 12.12.1886 (age 81) in Stromness

m.  Margaret Isbister 




Issue See entry for Margaret Isbister


Caleb Dickson Jr F.  Caleb Dickson
b. 28.5.1840 in Firth  M. Margaret Isbister

d. 8.2.1924 (age 83) in Stronsay

m.  Janet Cock in 1866 in Stronsay 

      b. 1839 in Stronsay
      d. 1917 (age 78) in Stronsay
Issue Ann Dickson b. 1866 Stronsay
Margaret Isabel Dickson b. 1872 Stronsay
d. 1950 (age 78) Stronsay
Barbara  Mary Dickson b. 1872 Stronsay
d. 1882 (age 10) Stronsay


Isabella Dickson  F.  Caleb Dickson

b. 12.10.1856  in Firth 

M. Margaret Isbister

d. 1942 (age 85) in Stromness

m.  Peter Linklater Johnston in 1885 in Stromness 

      b. 30.8.1854 in Stromness
      d. 1924 (age 70) in Stromness
      Taylor & Clothier
Issue Violet Jane Johnston b. 1880 Stromness
d. 1949 (age 68) Aberdeen
Peter Linklater Johnston Jr b. 1885 Stromness
d. 1965 (age 79) Stromness
William Dickson Johnston b. 1889 Stromness
d. 1958 (age 69) Stromness
Isabel Johnston b. 1892 Stromness
Rognvald Johnston b. 1899 Stromness
d. 1975 (age 76) Stromness


William Isbister         

F.  Hugh Isbister

b. c1781 in Firth

M. Christian Clouston

d. Bet 1841 and 1851 in Firth

Ran the Pomona Inn in Finstown with his wife for several years
m.  Isabella Miller 
      b. c1788 in Firth

      d. Bet 1851 and 1855 in Firth




Issue Margaret Isbister b. 30.4.1810 Firth
John Millar Isbister b. 20.8.1811 Firth
William Isbister b. 20.11.1814 Firth
Mary Isbister b. 15.11.1816 Firth
Jean Isbister b. 8.3.1819 Firth
Isabella Isbister b. 6.1.1822 Firth
d. 4.4.1900 (age 78) Firth
m. John Firth on 2.4.1840 in Firth


Hugh Isbister         

F.  NK


m. Christian Clouston 
Issue William Isbister b. c1781 Firth
Christina Isbister b. c1784 Firth
d. 9.1.1872 (age 88) Stenness




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