Robertson Families

Robertsons in Rousay and Egilsay 

Most of the Robertson families in Rousay and Egilsay were descended from Alexander Robertson born, c1780, and his wife Margaret Irvine.  They lived in Egilsay and there were still Robertsons in Egilsay until recent times.  Their sons William and James moved to Rousay, while David remained in Egilsay.  David married Barbara Craigie.  Their son Hugh 1847-1939 married Margaret Corsie, daughter of William Corsie and Ann Leonard.  See Corsie page.


David Robertson (1806-1899) and his wife Barbara Craigie whom he married in 1833
(Photo by courtesy of Tom Gibson, Rousay)


Hugh Robertson, son of David Robertson and Barbara (left),with his wife Margaret Corsie

(Photo by courtesy of Tom Gibson, Rousay)


William Robertson (son of Alexander in Egilsay) was born in 1810 and married Elizabeth Harcus in 1844.  Their son John, who married Isabella Corsie, farmed at Banks in Frotoft.


Robertsons of Hunclett

James Robertson, born in 1835, who farmed at Hunclett in Rousay is not known to be related to the Egilsay Robertsons.  His parents were James Robertson and Janet Craigie and his grandparents Hugh Robertson and Christine Sinclair.  He married Jean Marwick of Corse, a sister of William whose photo appears on the Marwick page.


James Robertson of Hunclett b. 1835 with his wife Jean Marwick and three of their four daughters


(Photo by courtesy of Tom Gibson, Rousay)


If you can identify any of the daughters in the above photo, please contact me.