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Charles Searles Logie

F.   Alexander Logie

b. 13.12.1821 in Rousay  

M.  Isabel Harrold

d. 5.5.1913 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
m. Anastasia Mary O'Sullivan on 15.8.1853 at Essex Co, Vermont, USA

     (b. 9.12.1824 at Kilkenny, Ireland,   d. 17.4.1915 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec)


Charles Alexander

b. 14.5.1854

Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec

James b. 6.1.1856 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec  
Isabella Harold b. 15.8.1857 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
John Bertrand b. 24.8.1859 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
Edward (Rev) b. 16..5.1861 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec




If you have any connection to Charles S Logie and his wife Anastasia M O'Sullivan (or their descendants), then their gg-grandson Curt Patterson would be delighted to hear from you.



Isabella Harold Logie

F.   Charles Searles Logie

b. 15.8.1857 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec

M.  Anastasia Mary O'Sullivan

d. 20.5.1951 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
m. James William Robertson on 23.8.1886 at Kinnear's Mill, Megantic Co, Quebec

     (b. 1.7.1862 at Tingwick, Quebec)


Charles William Logie

b. 24.12.1889

Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec



John Bertrand Logie

F.  Charles Searles Logie

b. 24.8.1859 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec 

M.  Anastasia Mary O'Sullivan

d. c1939 in Humber Cr, Toronto, Ontario
m. Annie Brownwell  (b. 27.12.1869) on 21.6.1892 in Cornwall, Stormont, Ontario
Issue Clifford Bertrand b. 31.10.1894 Quebec



Charles William Logie Robertson

F.  James William Robertson

b. 24.12.1889 in Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec 

M.  Isabella Harold Logie

d. 24.11.1973 at Sherbrooke, Quebec
m. Anna Ruth Sullivan on 31.8.1911 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
      (b. 18.9.1892 at Northumberland, NH, USA
Issue Harold James b.28.8.1912 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
d. 9.1.1984 Sherbrooke, Quebec
m. Mildred Isabel Stewart on 6.6.1942 in Milby, Quebec
     (b. 6.5.1916 in Lemesurier, Megantic Co, Quebec)
Edward Logie b. 8.11.1913 Lost Nation, NH, USA
d. 14.11.1978 White River Junction, Vermont, USA
m. Roberta Emerson on 12.4.1946 at Groveton, NH, USA
Issue: 1 child
William b. 26.9.1915 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
d. 16.4.1916 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
Mary Delmer b. 8.5.1917 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
d. bef 2000
m. Joseph Miles Howell on 2.9.1939 at Gaspe, Quebec
     (b. 9.9.1916 at Sandy Beach, Gaspe, Quebec)
Issue: 5 children
John Hebert b. 12.5.1919 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
d. 24.11.1990 Toronto, Ontario
m. ---- Ross
Shirley Anastasia b. 1.10.1927 Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
d. 25.20.1992 Calgary, Alberta
Adopted 1 son
m. Leon Fleck on 6.9.1947 at Leeds, Megantic Co, Quebec
    (b. 3.9.1926 at Lennoxville, Quebec)
Issue: 5 children



Clifford Bertrand Logie

F.  John Bertrand Logie

b. 31.10.1894 in Quebec 

M.  Annie Brownwell

m. Gladys E Monteith
Issue Jerrold Keith b.
d. 21.5.1926 Toronto, Ontario


b. 19.2.1929

Toronto, Ontario



James Marwick

F.  James Craigie Marwick

b. 16.7.1890 in Westray 

M.  Isabella Swanney

m. Mary Fyvie Rhind Nicol in 1909 in Aberdeen
Issue Isabella Swanney b. 23.11.1911 Aberdeen
d. 1973 Middlesex
James b. 1910 Aberdeen
Norman b. 1917 Aberdeen
Margaret Hewitt b.1920 Aberdeen
John b. 1922 Aberdeen
Nellie b. 1928 Aberdeen


b. 1930




Ann Inkster

F.  John Inkster

b. 16.7.1825 in Rousay  M.  Betsy Marwick

d. 8.7.1875 in Westray

m. William Scollay on 25.11.1854 in Westray
Issue Elizabeth b. 10.9.1856 Westray
d. 17.5.1919 Papa Westray
m. David Gorat on       11.1.1883 Westray
Jane b. 20.2.1858 Westray
d. 22.2.1920 Stronsay
m. James McLachlan on 13.11.1885 Papa Westray
Robina Inkster b. 16.1.1880 Westray
d. 26.11.1888 Cook Co, Illinois USA
William b. 29.8.1862 Westray
d. 4.10.1916 Cook Co, Illinois, USA



Betsy Inkster

F.  John Inkster

b. 8.10.1829 in Rousay  M.  Betsy Marwick

d. 28.4.1887 in Kirkwall

m. James Leslie on 7.3.1871 in Westray
Issue Margaret b. 1863 Westray
Jemima b. 1865 Westray
Robert b. 1868 Westray
Mary Jean b. 21870 Westray



Robina Inkster

F.  John Inkster

b. 2.11.1834 in Rousay  M.  Betsy Marwick

d. 10.9.1915 in Westray

m. Thomas Kent on 10.12.1861 in Westray
Issue John b. 1862 Westray
d. 1925 Westray
Janet b. 1865 Westray
Isabella b. 1867 Westray
James b. 1870 Westray
Mary Jean b. 1875 Westray
Robert b. 1878 Westray