Louttit Families

It is said that there were five Louttit brothers in Rousay, the sons of Thomas Louttit and Margaret Craigie.  They were Alexander, Drummond, Peter, Thomas, and William.

Alexander, born 1781, married twice, (1) Barbara Craigie by whom he had two children and (2) Janet Craigie by whom he had six more.  He lived at Northouse in the Quandal district for most of his life and most of his children were born there, but was at Lower Blackhammer in Wasbister latterly.  He died there in 1871.

Drummond Louttit was born c1774 and died at Scowan in Sourin in 1863.  He married Betty Flaws in 1804 and they had seven children born between 1807 and 1823.

Peter Louttit was born in 1788 and died in 1862.  He married Jean Craigie in 1808 and they had seven children.

William Louttit was born in 1771 and died in 1862.  He farmed at Faraclett in the Sourin district.  He married Isabella Craigie and they had one son and five daughters.  That son, also called William 1805-1873, married Christina Cormack in 1841.  They had two sons and five daughters.  Almost all the daughters from both generations married so there are many descendants in Orkney and elsewhere.