Donaldson Families


The Donaldsons in Rousay and the Donaldsons in Egilsay all belonged to the same family.  The earliest traceable member of the family is John Donaldson who was born in Westray about 1781.  He married Isabella Peace in Shapinsay in 1811.  Isabella was born in Sanday.  Their son Thomas married Mary Sabiston in 1874 and they had two sons John and Alexander.  John married Margaret Jean Stout and farmed at Watten in Egilsay.  Alexander, who was a blacksmith,  moved to Rousay and married Maggie Jessie Inkster.

There are many descendants including Jeanette Sabiston, John Craigie, Jeannie Gibson, Clem Manson, Peggy Alexander, Doreen Taylor, Margaret Mainland, and Irvine Donaldson.


John A. Donaldson of Watten, Egilsay and his wife Margaret Jean Stout

Photo by courtesy of Margaret Sinclair



Alexander (Sandy) Donaldson, blacksmith, and  his wife Margaret Jessie Inkster.  Sandy was a brother of John (above).

Photo by courtesy of T Gibson