Clouston Families

There were two Clouston families known of in Rousay, the Cloustons of the farm of Tou and the Cloustons of the croft of Moan, both in the Wasbister district.


Cloustons of Tou

The earliest traceable member of this family was Magnus Clouston who in 1819 married Ann Flaws from the neighbouring farm of Hammerfield.  Their son Magnus, whose photo appears below,  married Jane Craigie from the farm of Quoyostray nearby.  Magnus and Ann also had a daughter Betsy who married David Marwick and their photograph may be viewed on the Marwick page.

There are many descendants of Magnus and Jane, including Evelyn Marwick, Amy Sutherland, Leiselotte Tobermann, Annabella Penny, Annabella Daintith, Gregor Marwick, and Trevor Barneveld.

Magnus (Mansie) Clouston of Tou, 1826-1913, son of Magnus Clouston and Ann Flaws and father of James below. The house seen in the background was the home of Mansie's sister Betsy and her husband David Marwick.

(Photo - courtesy of Edna Penny)


James Clouston 1866-1945, son of Magnus and Jane, with his wife Annabella Craigie and their children Clara and James

(Photo - courtesy of Tom Gibson)

Cloustons of Moan

The earliest traceable member of this family was David Clouston who married Janet Alexander in 1831.  Their daughter Mary married Alexander Rousay from Westray and they had three children, Thomas, Betsy and Ann.  Betsy married John Cooper, and their daughter Elsie married John Bain of Grotz in Westray.  Ann Rousay married James Robertson.  Their grandson is Tommy Robertson.